Thursday, 30 April 2020 11:41

    I am the Egg Man

    Seen in Elmswell, the egg delivery man precariously balancing his eggs on the back of his moped.

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    Saturday, 07 April 2018 16:48

    Pizza and a Pint at The Tavern.

    Pizza Rosso has certainly put some life into The Railway Tavern in Elmswell. Friday night's only, grab yourself a lovely thin and crispy stone baked pizza from the food truck in the car park (from about 5pm to 8.30pm). Order your pizza, pop into the pub and have a pint while you wait for a text to tell you the pizza's ready. We ordered the Carne with salami, spicy beef and prosciutto and the special Code di Gambero with cray fish tails, jalapeno, sweetcorn and cajun seasoning. The smoked chipotle chilli dip was so fiery that it called for another pint of Aspall's. Lovely service from the owner and his mum, plus a pudding of the day too. Note that The Tavern, as the locals call it, only takes cash and despite it being run down has a dart board, a pool table and a friendly landlord. Unlike Elmswell Fox who has a grumpy landlord, I mean who shouts at customers for walking through a door in the wrong direction? Pizza Rosso is in Woolpit on a Monday, Stanton on Tuesday, Bacton on Wednesday and Thurston on Thursdays.

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    Sunday, 10 November 2013 11:11

    We love a new butcher...

    ...especially the one in Elmswell who we promised to mention a long time ago and only just got round to doing it. Why? Because it's on our doorstep, has lots of great value choice, couldn't be more helpful if you want to learn about meat - and why would you drive all that way to buy meat from a supermarket if you could get it here?


    Saturday, 03 August 2013 11:25

    Cake from the Co-op

    The Wheaten Mill in Elmsett made this and they sell through the Co-Op (and probably other places too). It was nearly as good as our own home-made coffee cake and looks just the same. A bit less icing and more coffee flavour and it would have been perfect, but much much nicer than most shop bought cakes if you can't be bothered or run out of time to make one to have with your cup of tea.

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    Saturday, 18 May 2013 21:50

    The Womens Institute pop-up in Elmswell

    Elmswell W.I have held their first Pop-Up Village Cafe in the Wesley Hall at Elmswell. The small village hall looked  stylish with gingham tablecloths and hand made bunting.  The W.I know how to do things well. Not only were there homemade cakes, soup, quiches and sausage rolls but also the daily newspapers, magazines and even paper and crayons for the children.  I hope they do another one because this is where we get the best home baking - who wouldn't travel to Elmswell for a Janet Baker sausage roll?


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    Tuesday, 30 April 2013 19:20

    Hello Steve - from Clavering Pigs...

    Steve sells his own farm-reared pork at local farmers markets and he was at the new Elmswell market last Sunday. He doesn't have a website and only uses the internet to check the tide tables when he wants to go fishing, so Google Clavering Pigs if you want to find out where to find him.